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Duracell AGM Batteries to Power 2011 Numerals at Times Square, NY

Sophisticated Automotive batteries make the most out of human power

For the third consecutive year, Duracell AGM batteries, made by East Penn, are powering a special project at Times Square, New York City.  At midnight on New Year's Eve, these advanced batteries will provide extreme power to the hundreds of light bulbs that illuminate the 2011 numerals.  When the world-famous Ball drops, the numerals will stay lit throughout the broadcast coverage of the event and well into the New Year.

Human power is actually charging the Duracell batteries to light the 2011 numerals.  People are pedaling "Power Rovers" near Times Square which are hooked directly to the batteries.  The battery's sophisticated AGM design recharges more efficiently, making the most out of human power or any other power put into the battery.  On the forefront of technology, these batteries provide optimized power solutions synonymous with Duracell's other Smart Power products.  Once fully charged and closer to New Year's, the batteries will be moved to the spot where they provide the esteemed service of lighting the 2011 numerals.

The Duracell AGM batteries that will power the 2011 numerals are made exclusively for your vehicle.  The same name trusted to power the world's portable electronic devices for over 40 years is now available for your car and all its electronics.  With 2x dependability and dirability, these batteries provide extreme AGM power to safely start the engine and run all the electronics installed or plugged into the vehicle. 

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Duracell AGM Batteries to Power 2011 Numerals at Times Square, NY