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12 Volt AGM Sealed Valve Regulated Non-Spillable


Superior starting power, high reserve capacity, and long lasting life, there’s no match for these intimidating AGM BATTERIES. Advanced AGM technology with dual purpose design makes it great for quick starts and plenty of competition-quality accessory power for • stereo systems • boats & RVs • hydraulic lifts • winches • on-board electronics • and many other power demands. The tight-pack plate and separator construction provides added power for resistance against hard-hitting stereo, competitive racing, or off-road wear and tear vibration. Along with a more efficient design, it also has the same case/cover configuration used by original equipment manufacturers for an easier fit into more applications. No elaborate marketing gimmicks or hold-down retrofits, just decades of experience to provide a better fit, more power and longer life.
Absorbed Glass Mat Technology
Twenty times more vibration resistance than conventional batteries
High starting and moderate cycling
Sealed AGM construction for leakproof and spillproof protection
Two times the cycle life of conventional batteries
Faster recharging and more power for electronics
Seventy percent more resiliant to battery failure from severe deep discharge compared to conventional batteries